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SSL Bharat

10 Feb

Activate, Install, and Manage Your Website SSL certificate

Secure Sockets Layer which is also called SSL certificate is a web security protocol that authenticates the identity of your wеbѕіtе аnd еnсrурtѕ any information sent to the server. This is essentially used for protecting your website visitors’ sensitive data against identity theft and fraud. At BIT.COM we offer affordable and reliable

SSL certificates and website security protection to protect all our client’s website. Our SSL certificates come along with different layers of security depending on the requirement of a client and the level of security features needed by the client.

SSL Certificate by Comodo


We also provide SSL services from Comodo. This is one of the quickest and cost effective way for any online business to protect customer transactions with up to 256 encryption and 2048 bit signatures.

EV SSL Certificate:

We also provide higher levels of EV SSL Certificate for you to enjoy a high degree of trust. Show a green address bar on your website browser and assure your customers that your site is secured and safe for them to do business with you

Wildcard SSL Certificate:

Get this easy and convenient SSL Certificate and secure all servers, domains, and subdomains with a single certificate.